Before I get too involved in what Rebuilding Eden is about, let me take the opportunity to disappoint some of you. If you came to this page in hopes of finding a religiously based, spiritually uplifting website I am afraid that will not be the topic of discussion here. The Eden of which I speak of here is a small town in upstate New York a bit south of Buffalo and as such it is the place that I have always used as my Benchmark. My objective with this site is to encourage people to build a better world for themselves and others around them. To give others the experience that I had growing up in my hometown of Eden.

To continue to disappoint people, I will move onto those who were relieved to find that this will be a secular site filled with strictly scientific and empirical guidance. While I do rely most heavily on what the data says, I was born and raised in a Catholic family and my early education was in a faith based school. This too is a part of what defines me and I hope that it is part of what keeps me from being a completely self-centered jerk as so many today seem to be. I have no intentions to get religious or preachy on this site, but forgive me if, from time to time, my Christianity peeks through.

As for the monumental task that I feel the world is faced with I would never be so bold as to think that we can get from where we are today to a biblical Garden of Eden, a Utopia. I do think that we can do better than we are today. So many of our current systems have been overloaded to the point that they are nearing collapse that I do worry about the future for my children and grandchildren. Even the Eden that I grew up in has changed and not always for the better. What I do hold true as a single guiding tenant however is this;

When the world runs out of super heros, it becomes the job of ordinary people to rise to the occasion. This world ran out of super heros a long time ago.

Hopefully you will find some food for though in these pages.

So, what topics do I feel most passionately about?





The World

– John